Medusa Group—architect of the First District.

The Bytom studio team is valued on both the national and international arena, which is confirmed by their many prestigious awards and distinctions, among others the European Property Awards. “Medusa” is made up of people from Upper Silesia who know the region perfectly, are familiar with its history and the context of the changes taking place here. Their knowledge and emotional commitment, the value of which cannot be overestimated, found its expression in the proposed concept of the First District.

Przemo Łukasik – Architect:

It all started with the architectural competition. The task was to design a housing project in a place of special importance and with a unique history. The basic assumption we adopted was to create a concept that would fit into the context of the space. Corresponding with the surroundings and integrating areas that were once separated.

Hence the idea of ​​an open, transitive development, immersed in areas with parks. Integrated with greenery, which has the chance to take root and grow for many years to come. Providing comfort to residents and users of the city. Supporting meetings, and thereby animating and reviving this part of Katowice.

Silesia is pragmatic and we conveyed this idea in the  architecture. We focused on simplicity and authenticity, framed in a modern form. We chose a balanced composition without unnecessary frills. Point buildings provide good sunlight, air flow and free space. This is important for future residents, as well as the universal structure of the apartments, allowing for the flexible adaptation to each individual’s needs.

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